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                     About us

              Jinan Hui Feng Da chemical Co., LTD. Is a private shareholding fine chemical industry enterprises, mainly engaged in API series products, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on the deep processing the development of products development, production, sale and import and export trade. Products are widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, building materials, food, the cosmetics, the plastic, war industry, and other fields.

              The main products of methylene chloride, ethylenediamine, divinyl three amine, ethylene amines, more than a diethanolamine, diethanolamine, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, are already monosilane, isopropyl alcohol, n-butanol, toluene, propionic acid, the adipic acid, xylene, fourth ketone, 1, 4-butyl glycol, double pentaerythritol, butyl acetate, acetic acid ethyl ester, cyclohexane, cyclohexano and cyclohexanone, butyl ether, methyl uncle acetonitrile, melamine, no water, ethanol, DMF, DMC, ethylene glycol acid polymer three fluorine, formaldehyde, sulphur acetate, hydrazine hydrate, three oxidation, two iron nonylphenols, phenol, copper sulfate, ammonium persulfate, amino sulfonic acid, sodium butyrate, acid sodium, potassium chloride and other hydrogen.

              The company has right of products in addition to selling the domestic market, but also exported to Germany, the United States, Canada, India, and southeast Asia, the Middle East area of countries and regions, in order to better serve the company stretched out grand blueprint for foreign: and the Dow, BASF, CORPORATION, TOSOH, BP, Exxon Mobil, aksu and other large multinational enterprise establishes the cooperation relations; Domestic: and qilu, joint, Yangtze, general, jin petrochemical our alliance, has established a set of perfect import and export networks like foreign agents from mainland shortage of amine, esters, alcohols and various kinds of organic and inorganic acid; From the domestic of foreign demand for basic chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, etc, in the chemical, HuaGongJie created good image.

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